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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Harry Potter Camp Regular

Regular Camp - 6th January - 17th January

Flourish and Blotts
Our regular camp is set into 40 minute periods. Students see each teacher at least once a day (4 periods, but only 3 teachers. We see some classes twice.) Over the whole camp we see each class around 12 times. The grades are 3, 4 and 5. Each class consist of around 20 students.

Day one starts with the opening ceremony. We then start our first lesson of the camp.

Lesson 1 - Introduction, sorting in to Hogwarts teams, rules and start making team posters. 

I gave gallons and points for the teams who tried the hardest.

Lesson 2 - Shopping in Diagon alley. 

Students have to buy all the items on their shopping list. The winner is the student with all the items and the most money left over. They use the phrases 'How much is this?', 'I'll take it' and 'It's too expensive!'.

Marauders Map

Lesson 3 -  Hogwarts ties.

 I made a paper cut out of a tie. Students drew around the outside onto felt. They then cut it out. They wrote their names on the side with pen marks. On the reverse side, they stuck stripes of felt. On the name side, I then used a hot glue to stick a pin.

Hogwarts Ties

Magical Menagerie
Lesson 4 -  Magical beast.

 They had to create a new creature from a hybrid of 2 of more animals. The higher grades had to write about their animal. I chose the best picture and the most creative animal (as some of the boys hate colouring).

Lesson 5- Finish Magical beast lesson and start bookmarks.

Bookmarks (see low level Harry Potter camp). 

Lesson 6 - Finish bookmarks after laminating.

 Make the paper for maps using teabags. Leave to dry until next lesson.

If time we used the photo booth.


Lesson 7- Make map.

I went through vocabulary with students before and they wrote down the translation. They then had to design their own magic school. Coins and points for the best. We used the below link to watch how to fold the paper.

Marauders Map

The students then had to find the missing animals. I told students the pixies let all the Hogwarts animals out and they have to find them.

Team posters
Lesson 8-9 -  Dragon egg drop. 

We dropped an egg from a window. Students have to use straws and tape to make a way to protect their egg from breaking.

 I started dropping the eggs from a chair for one team point. Then a table for two points. If their egg survived after being dropped out of a window they got 5 points.

Only 2 eggs out of 12 survived!

I recommend putting the eggs in plastic sandwich bags to save cleaning up.

Lesson 10 - Predictions lesson. Teams had to guess what will happen. If they predicted right they got a point.

lesson 11- Mafia game (changed into a Harry Potter version). My students loved this!

Lesson 12- Scavenger hunt and raffle.

Magical Animals
 I put words around the school. They had to use the clues to find them and write them down.

We then announced the winners and did the raffle for the sweet shop.

We also did a house cup. Winners of games won points. They also won points for answering questions and trying hard.  I announced the winners on the last lesson, just before the raffle.

Magic maps
Lots of the lessons were student orientated. The students had to work in their teams (we gave extra points for team work). All students really enjoyed the decorations and lessons.

It feels great to have finished my last camp. Only six weeks until I leave and only 3 of them are working days!! Yay!!!

I put all my lesson plans on here. You have to register and post 5 times to download materials.

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  1. This is amazing!!! Your students are going to remember this camp for the rest of their lives, how lucky they are!

  2. Thanks!!!! ^^ They all seemed to have a lot of fun. I'm glad it's nearly over though haha!